Profile PhotoWow, a whole page where I can talk about myself.  Well, let’s see . . . I’m a perfectionist by nature, but I  am learning how to live in reality and lower my expectations of myself.  I am continually growing in my role as a wife and mom and I have learned some things along the way and I thought I might share a few of my life lessons with the world at large.

I’m the wife of a great guy who happens to be a property manager with a pastor’s heart.  I’m currently working fulltime as an English teacher at a residential treatment center for at-risk youth.  This is close to my twentieth career move . . .but that’s another story.

I was raised at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, and after moving all over the place, find myself within 100 miles of my hometown.  I can’t quite see the mountains from my backdoor, but I don’t have to drive too far to catch a glimpse of them.

Besides my family I have a few passions in my life.  I greatly enjoy MOPS and the leadership development MOPS International has provided me.  If I see a young mom standing in line at the grocery store or Wal-Mart, I usually invite her to attend MOPS.  Then, there’s Precepts.  Kay Arthur has written several inductive Bible studies using what she calls the “precept upon precept” method.  I love them.  I have learned so much about God and His Word through Precept studies.  Now, I am a trained Precept leader and hold weekly studies.  Finally, I am passionate about worshipping the God of the Universe.  I love music and praise of all kinds.  If you ask me about my take on any style of worship, I’ll gladly talk your ear off.   In my spare time, I enjoy speaking and writing – especially about my passions.

For fun, I enjoy cooking and baking – although I don’t do it as much as I used to.  A couple of years ago I took up crocheting and now I enjoy that quite a bit.  This past year I started knitting.  I’m still getting the hang of it, but I have enjoyed the learning process.  I also enjoy talking philosophy and I am trying to become a better thinker – but I haven’t arrivedyet!

We are blessed with three children who are the joy of my life.  They have offered me opportunities to grow and mature.  I love being a mom, even if some days are hectic.


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