Home Work

It never ends, does it? I wanna give a shout out and a HOO-RAH to all the mamas women who joyfully work day in and day out to keep their homes running like a well-oiled machine. If you get up each day to head to a job away from home or head to a job in your home, way to go, girl! I’m not gonna delve into the stay-at-home vs. work-away-from-home divide. Rather, I’m going to celebrate all of us. It is all work that keeps our home functioning, thus: Home Work.

Although sweeping up bread crumbs from under the kitchen table may seem like menial work, it is work that changes the world. It shows our commitment to servant leadership and raising the next generation with hearts and minds focused on making the world a better place. It is the most important work.

Each day you overcome the urge to slap that snooze button one more time is a day of victory. It is a vote for hope. It is a chance for a dream to come true. Each and every day we rise out of bed, we also rise above the desire to just stay there and not fight the good fight.

So go, girl. Be the best you can be. Get out of bed each day and hit the ground with the confidence that you DO make a difference.

*A shout out goes to all you dads men, too. Your work does not go unnoticed. HOO-RAH to you, as well.*



About Amy Caldwell

Home Work. It is probably the most important work we do. The time and energy investing in our homes can make a world of difference and a difference in our world. Juggling work, kids, groceries, church, husband, dinner, and cleaning may be a feat worthy of head-lining the circus, but as long as I have coffee, it's all good.
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