Household Notebook: Travel Section

Did we remember to set the light timers before we left?  What about the iron?  Did someone unplug it?  Did I remember to pack our toothbrushes?  I really dislike those feelings of uncertainty that come once we’re about 50 miles down the road.  FlyLady has developed a great resource for organized traveling.  It is her Packing Control Journal.  She covers everything from what are your travel plans to toothbrushes.  I basically just printed off her journal and added it to my notebook.

I found another resource  at  They have a great “Before We Leave Checklist.”  It covers quite a bit and has space to write in the things that are unique to your home.  Both of these tools help diminish those uncertain feelings that hit once you are too far down the road to turn back, as well as those late night trips to Wal-Mart in an unfamiliar town.

By the way, the Organized Home website has a ton of free printables available, including more forms for picnic planning, camping checklists and packing checklists.  Find them here.


About Amy Caldwell

Home Work. It is probably the most important work we do. The time and energy investing in our homes can make a world of difference and a difference in our world. Juggling work, kids, groceries, church, husband, dinner, and cleaning may be a feat worthy of head-lining the circus, but as long as I have coffee, it's all good.
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