Household Notebook: Health Section

We move.  Frequently.  Too frequently.  And, unfortunately, our family has a novel’s worth of medical history.  I learned a few years ago that it is easier to have everything typed out and ready to go when we visit a new physician.  Generally, when we sign in, I hand the receptionist a copy of the history to add to our file.  It’s just easier than hand-writing everything out.  I still check the boxes on the intake form and sign on the dotted lines, but instead of explaining each incident, I can refer to the copy I have given to the office.  It makes my life much easier.

Also, because I have our information in one spot, I don’t have to try and remember when it was that I had that surgery or illness.  It’s right there in my notebook.  I keep a copy of all our immunizations here as well.  It makes it a little easier in the ER to tell them that yes, the tetanus booster was given just two years ago and I have the documentation to prove it.

The health section is also a great place to track weight loss, food intake, exercise plans and goals.  A friend of mine keeps a copy of her points system in her notebook so she can easily find it.  Basically, anything having to do with health and fitness can go here.


About Amy Caldwell

Home Work. It is probably the most important work we do. The time and energy investing in our homes can make a world of difference and a difference in our world. Juggling work, kids, groceries, church, husband, dinner, and cleaning may be a feat worthy of head-lining the circus, but as long as I have coffee, it's all good.
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