Maintaining the Household and Working

YIKES! It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog. Since our move to a new state and town, I’ve had to start working outside of our home. The town we live in has an above-average cost of living, and my sweet husband, who works very hard, was only able to find an average salaried position in this above-average expenses place. Hence, this is why I needed to find employment. I started out part-time and have since moved to full-time. This has brought many, many changes and adjustments to our home life and my schedule.

To be honest, I don’t know how other moms who work outside the home manage life. I am so very thankful that God was able to supply a job for me in this economy and that I am able to help out with our household expenses. But, working full-time and then trying to stay on top of household stuff has been a bit of a learning process for me.

I am trying to tweak my weekly schedules a bit. I’m also learning to employ the help of my growing children. Not only does this help me out, but helps them learn skills and gain somewhat of a work ethic. I am learning to let go of some of my expectations. I’m not quite sure where the line might be of good enough to get by and this area needs more work. It is a bit of a balancing act.

This is the schedule I have managed to work out thus far (and all of this is in the evenings):
Monday: fold laundry and put away
Tuesday: Zone cleaning
Wednesday: Zone cleaning
Thursday: Weekly blessing hour
Friday: Paperwork

My hope is that we will be able to spend Saturdays working on projects together or having a family fun day. One Saturday a month, I am going to starting doing once a month cooking again. I expect to prepare about 15 meals. I have found that my once a month cooking trial runs in the past have shown that I really don’t like having a full month’s worth of meals in the freezer. I enjoy cooking and baking quite a bit and I need to be able to do so when I feel like it.

In the meantime, I am asking my kids to do some extra cleaning after school. I have a list for them to complete after they finish any homework assignments. And, for the moment, I am inspecting their work and helping them to see beyond what is done to what should be done. Helping them learn a new skill and how to finish a task completely and yet not crush their spirits has been difficult. I once heard that we need to wrap a criticism with two slices of compliments. I think this works with kids. I like to tell them what they did well, then what needs to be improved, and then note something else positive about their chore. Whenever they display a joyful, positive attitude about their work, I praise them.

In a day or so, I should be able to upload some of the lists I have found useful in helping my children know what is expected of the tasks they complete. You can look for it in my file widget to the right of this webpage.


About Amy Caldwell

Home Work. It is probably the most important work we do. The time and energy investing in our homes can make a world of difference and a difference in our world. Juggling work, kids, groceries, church, husband, dinner, and cleaning may be a feat worthy of head-lining the circus, but as long as I have coffee, it's all good.
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