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I have learned I must keep track of all the different activities my family takes part.  As my children get older, the list seems to get bigger – so organization is a must.

I have separate “pockets” for each organization in which I place notes, phone numbers, letters, calendars, etc.  On Fridays, I make sure the family calendar is up-to-date (the one in the calendar section of my notebook) and check the organization’s calendar for up-coming events.  If our church is having a pot luck dinner in two weeks, I plan what I will be bringing and add those items to the next week’s grocery list.  If the Girl Scouts are going on a field trip and need specific supplies, I make sure I have those on hand and place needed items on the shopping list.

I also keep any kind of paperwork for our activities, like copies of signed permission slips, in this section of my notebook.  I also keep running to-do lists here.  For example, I need to get a filing system going for our worship team at church.  Instead of adding that to my household to-do list, I have it here.

If I have an event to plan, like a training meeting for MOPS leaders, I keep all my notes, plans, contacts, and invites in this section.  I often use sticky notes as I plan out details, so I keep them in the pocket divider for MOPS. 

You may discover, if your family is on the go most of the time, that using a separate notebook for your family activities might be necessary.  Just remember to transfer all the calendar information over to your household calendar.  And I have found it helpful to use a different color ink for each family member as well as a unique color for events the whole family will attend.

The beauty of keeping all your activities in one section is you will be able to easily find all those important dates and papers.  It does require personal discipline to ensure each item is placed in your notebook.


About Amy Caldwell

Home Work. It is probably the most important work we do. The time and energy investing in our homes can make a world of difference and a difference in our world. Juggling work, kids, groceries, church, husband, dinner, and cleaning may be a feat worthy of head-lining the circus, but as long as I have coffee, it's all good.
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